Innovating today taking care tomorrow

Esterilización, S.L. in its desire for continuous improvement, it continuously cooperates with multidisciplinary groups in search of new technologies focused on the improvement of energy efficiency, the reduction and elimination of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and the preservation of the environment. Esterilización has a research chamber designed and manufactured just like the autoclaves that are in production but on a smaller scale. Thanks to this R & D chamber, all those sterilization cycles can be reproduced in the design phase to guarantee obtaining the appropriate parameters for each product, and allows our customers to analyze the impact of the process on their products.

Goals achieved

44,27% reduction in fuel consumption

100% reduction in CO2 consumption

Planned goals for 2021-2022

Reduction of electricity consumption- production of part of the energy consumed with solar panels

Reduction of emissions, remodeling of the gas washing system.

Obtaining ISO 14001:2015 certification

Validation of the parametric release- adaptation of the installation to the needs of measurements to work with parametric release.